Addison Beierle- Spreading A's Joy

Addison was born with a  genetic condition that has caused her digestive system not to work. She is 100% TPN dependent which means that she must receive all of her fluids and nutrition through a permanent IV system. This means Addison frequently has to have surguries to place lines, being a double lumen central line so she can receive her nutrition, meds, blood transfusions and IVIG transfusions. She also has had several surgeries to place G and J tubes set up for draining her stomach/intestines and to give her medications through, and to place an illiostomy. She is a tough little girl through it all and always has a smile on her face! She makes friends everywhere she goes and loves to spread her pure joy for life to everyone she meets.

Addison and her mother started "Spreading A's Joy", where they take presents to children who also have chronic illnesses and are hospitalized. Addison truly is spreading joy!  

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