Easter Egg Sun Catcher Craft

Step 0

Step 1 

Print out the Free Printable Suncatcher Easter Egg Template on white card stock paper and then cut out the egg. Download the Free Suncatcher Easter Egg Printable here!


Step 1


Using the egg template as a measuring guide, cut a length of contact paper. 

Step 2


Fold the length of contact paper in half and cut again. One piece will be the front of the egg and the other piece will be the back

Step 3


Remove the paper from the adhesive side of the contact paper and lay down. Now your kids can start to place the Mini Neon Tissue Paper Squares where ever they want on the contact paper.


Step 4


Once the contact paper has been covered, and your budding artist is done, place the other piece of contact paper over the top, sticky side down, onto the tissue paper squares. This is most easily done with two sets of hands, but the kids could do this on their own. I would have each child hold up one end while I matched the top corners together as closely as I could. Then I would start to lay the rest of the contact paper down by smoothing my hand down the middle of the paper.

Step 5


Take the Suncatcher Easter Egg Template and Sharpie® Marker and trace the egg template onto the layered contact paper.

Step 6


Cut out the egg shape with your scissors.


Step 7


Punch a hole at the top of the egg, using a hole punch. Then use the Pink Baker’s Twine to hang the egg. Your kids will have a blast making these. My girls worked on them for about an hour making a whole bunch.


Becky James

The Crafting Chicks