Interview with Myri Dujovne

Joansie Threads: What is your favorite aspect of Motherhood?

Myri: Watching my kids grow and turn into their own person. The way they think and when things that you’ve been trying to teach them just clicks and they understand. I also really love to have 2 little ones to cuddle with too, that’s one of my fondest memories with my mom and I really love the way we all feel when we’ve spent some time just cuddling.

Joansie Threads: Defining moment in motherhood?

Myri: Definitely when I had my second, it finally felt like I was a real mom (not that moms to one are not, but that’s what it felt like to me because I come from a big family) and, because he had to be in the NICU I learned to be grateful for them every single moment. With him I’ve also learned how to juggle and raise kids with totally different personalities and how to cater to different ways of feeling, showing affection and overall handling the differences between them without hindering their path to growth.

Joansie Threads: Your biggest struggle from motherhood? And how did you or are you overcoming it?

Myri: Mommy guilt! I was a stay at home mom for the first 5 years of my daughters life and 3 of my sons life and when I started working it all went from zero to super busy in a short period of time. I’ve had to miss a lot of things on the weekends, because that’s when most of my work takes place, and sometimes it’s hard to handle, especially when your stay at home mom friends ask you how you can do it! I’ve been trying really hard to not listen to the people that are judging me for my decision of being an entrepreneur and work so many hours a week and on the periods where my business is slower I try to make the afternoons all about them and do simple, but fun stuff like crafting or simply reading a book with them. I also always reminds them that mommy loves them and wants to spend time with them, but I also need to be able to have my own life and space. One of the thing I repeat to myself over and over again is that I’m teaching my daughter that women can have a career and be moms and they can accomplish everything they want and that keeps me going.

Joansie Threads: How/where do you find joy outside of motherhood?

Myri: Definitely my work, when I’m creating or closing a deal I’m in my happy place and that gives me the drive to keep going. Also, my friends, the ones that have stuck with me through thick and thin and I make space for them every month because we all need to talk to an adult sometimes and about something more than going potty or eating your veggies, ha! I also try to take a trip once a year by myself and try to not think about the guilt of leaving them because when I’m ok my kids are ok.

Joansie Threads: Any challenge or insight you feel like you can offer a momma in any similar positions you are/we’re in?

Myri: Just keep going and don’t let anybody bring you down. I have cut out so many people that were bringing me down and my life is so much better for it! Also, get out there and meet people, just put yourself out there because there’s so many people waiting for the right person to connect with and you’re not going to regret meeting and having a tribe.

Joansie Threads: Any thing extra that comes to your heart you want to share?

Myri: We have to stop guilting moms for their choices! Nobody knows what’s happening in someone else life that led them to the choice they’re making. And we’re already so tough on ourselves, we don’t need someone else to show us how we’re failing. Live your life and let others live theirs, even if it’s not what you would’ve chosen for yourself and your family.